About – Test&VaxNaija

Background and Significance

  • Nigerians are not getting Tested  for COVID-19 as they should
  • A seroprevalance study revealed that many Nigerians have the COVID-19 antibodies
  • There is more cases of COVID-19 in the country than officially reported
  • People are having the virus without knowing.
  • Testing is key in detecting and responding effectively to stop the spread of the virus in the country
  • Vaccination is effective in protecting people from the virus or from severe illnesses after getting the virus
  • Nigeria COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Site Finder will create awareness to the user of the testing and vaccination sites available around them.

How it works

  • It is internet-enabled, and clicking the option “Nearest Centers” on the application will provide one with COVID-19 testing and vaccination centers in proximity to a user location.
  • One can search centers by Name, State, LGA or Ward
  • Will provide the address of each location and enable navigation to the location by providing a function that links to the online map available on one’s device.
  • A user can get COVID-19 News and Updates

Target audience

The platform  is  for  all  Nigerians  wanting  to  get  the  COVID-19  test  vaccine in  the  country  regardless  of their  age,  location  or 

DHIS Testing Site Finder software is currently managed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC): https://covidtestingcentres.ncdc.gov.ng