Our work speaks for us, achieving both global and national recognition. Our footprint spans across sectors of the economy.


Our expertise and efficiency encompass and cut across the following:

  1. Medical systems procurement and installations.

  2. Medical service line optimization and automations.

  3. Workflow and ICT integrated solutions.

  4. IT consultancy.

  5. Outsourcing and application outsourcing.

  6. Project management,

  7. System integration.

  8. Security infrastructure and technology.

  9. Data security.

  10. Software, application development and maintenance services.

  11. Procurement, Installation and maintenance of high quality solar, power electronic (UPS, inverters, rectifiers and MEP).

  1. Efficiency – We have designed a framework that allows us to serve our clienteles in a way that keeps them satisfied in the long term. We will continue to make bold steps into untapped markets and cultivate strategic partnerships with stakeholders in his field.
  2. Quality – We try as much as possible to always produce and deliver top quality services using eminent human resources and technologies.
  3. Unified – We promote team work and ensure that our work environment is conducive for the winning culture spirit. 
  4. Integrity – We always inspire all employees and team members to be honest, transparent and accountable in order to bring sanity and reliability.
  5. Excellence – We maintain our flagship of professionalism and discourage mediocrity in our operations.
  6. Dedication –We commit ourselves to our tasks and responsibilities to avoid wastage of financial and material resources.

To provide ICT and other technological solutions in healthcare and other areas for governments, corporations, institutions. Individuals, private, Hotels and the general public. As a forward-thinking company, we pride our self on our continues innovations, excellent service delivery and customers satisfaction.

To be a World-renowned digital transformation and technological advancement company in healthcare and other areas. Also to be masters of technologies ​that improve our communities.​

Our business philosophy is simple. To strive hard in delivering quality projects, services, excellent customer service and also continue to innovate our processes to stay at the forefront of our niche. Customer satisfaction is our priority.
Digital Health and Innovative Solutions Limited has a unique management team that supervises overall responsibility for ensuring adequacy of quality assurance procedures and their implementation throughout the company.
Digital Health and Innovative Solutions Limited has a wealth of experience that our clients have grown to rely on over time. We have built a strong team of well trained and resourceful workforce to partner with our clients.


Through established processes; seamless integration of service providers; proven methodologies; and the preservation of a competitive cost environment. The end result is a fully scrutinized and documented solution with quantitative and qualitative benefits.

We review operations and recommend updates to improve efficiencies and cut costs. This means you will have a full understanding of a site’s constraints, value and development potential, enabling you to realize maximum proceeds. Our first priority is always to understand your needs and priorities, your commercial drivers have to be the basis for any decision that is to be made.


If you have questions, feedback or want to make enquiries about any of our services and businesses, we would love to hear from you.